SIC Mentorship Program


A program designed to accomplish 2 main objectives:

  • Deepen SIC Value added to early stage impact startups
  • Expand SIC network within the impact startup community


The Mentorship Program would enable:

  • SIC-vetted startup founders to receive 1-1 mentorship with experienced professionals.
  • Experienced professionals to contribute to the growth of young impactful startups, with minimal effort.
  • SIC Partner VCs to receive high quality information from the program that would contribute to their own industry assessments.


The Mentorship Program consists of a mutual selection process and social context analysis which will allow a perfect match between mentees and the following experienced professionals:

  • Entrepreneurial experts
  • Industry experts
  • Subject matter experts

Why be a SIC Mentee?

What we’ll help you with:

  • GUIDANCE: Develop your business faster and more effectively through the guidance of growth mindset and experienced professionals
  • INVESTABILITY: Enhance your investment readiness and improve your business performance
  • GROW: Opportunities to grow through learning tangible insights in the market you’re operating
  • NETWORK: opportunity to access valuable connections from mentors’ network

How to become A SIC Mentee?

Eligibility Criteria

  • Companies that did pass SIC Due Diligence process OR
  • Most promising companies that didn’t pass SIC Due Diligence process 
  • Founder/main point of contact has to be “mentorable” (*)

(*) An individual is mentorable if she/he clearly shows her/his willingness to be mentored and demonstrates a growth mindset through the assessment.

Selection Process

  1. Take the assessment by clicking the link below
  2. Interview (phone call or in person if needed)
  3. You’re a SIC Mentee!